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Unveiling Olli: A Journey of Leadership at Eaton

Olli Punkari, Sales Manager at Eaton, embodies dynamic leadership, shaped by his diverse background and unwavering dedication to excellence. With over 5.5 years at Eaton, his journey showcases resilience and innovation, blending technical expertise with a passion for customer engagement. 

Originating from Western Finland, Olli’s early years were influenced by his unique family dynamics, including an older brother and a twin with contrasting personalities. While his upbringing instilled resilience and adaptability, Olli’s sociability is what characterizes him. From an early age, he was drawn to the world of cars and motorsports, predicting his future for innovation and challenge. Raised by a dentist mother and a father working in electrical installation, Olli was encouraged to pursue his passions without limitations. He studied high voltage engineering with a minor in industrial economics. I wanted to combine the technical field and financial field and somehow that is how I ended up with electricity – I don’t know where it came from”, he says. His fascination for electricity got deeper during his studies: “Electricity as a phenomenon interests me. For example, I’m quite passionate in summertime thunderstorms, I enjoy watching them a lot.”

Although Olli started his professional career in electrical design, he discovered his true passion lays in sales and customer interaction. “I thrive on building long-lasting relationships with customers and delivering excellence in everything we do. That’s what drives me,” says Olli, reflecting on his career trajectory. This led his path to Eaton, where he began as a sales manager, using his ability to form long-lasting relationships with electrical wholesalers. His role expanded to encompass diverse product portfolios, including UPS devices and electrical vehicle charging systems. Olli’s visionary leadership and business expertise became clear when he led the establishment of Eaton EV-charge in Finland. Fueled by his natural curiosity and collaborative nature, Olli propelled the initiative forward, demonstrating his innovative approach and steadfast commitment to progress. 

Olli’s leadership philosophy centers on accountability, transparency, and mutual respect, fostering an environment where innovation and empowerment thrive. Despite encountering obstacles, such as navigating software discrepancies, Olli’s resilience and strategic approach is leading Eaton towards solutions and strengthening customer trust along the way. Olli can be characterized by prioritizing openness and receptiveness, rather than dismissing ideas outright. He actively listens and explores their potential, recognizing the value they may bring to the broader context. Even when an idea may not align with current goals, Olli seeks out its positive aspects and considers its potential.  

How does Olli keep his team motivated? By acknowledging reality, embracing challenges, and maintaining a focus on the future. He’s not just a leader, he’s a mentor who guides his team through each twist and turn with a steady hand. Recognizing the significance of feedback and engagement Olli ensures that each team member feels valued and supported in their professional growth journey. This commitment to acknowledging and uplifting his team members emphasizes Olli’s dedication to fostering a thriving and cohesive work environment at Eaton. 

When he’s not busy sparking innovation at Eaton, Olli wears another hat of a loving father and husband. With two daughters and wife, he’s a family man through and through. But Olli’s not all work and no play; he finds time for hobbies like singing in one of the most famous amateur choir in Finland, playing disc golf, and enjoying culinary adventures. 

The heart of Eaton’s mission is a commitment to making what matters work—a mantra that embodies its dedication to delivering reliable and secure electrical supply systems. By providing customers with peace of mind and continuous support, Eaton aims to build relationships built on trust and accountability. When you ask Olli what he likes about Eaton he replies quickly: “We are a funny mix of being part of a very big global company, but the operations and the team spirit is what makes us quite agile. Another thing that I liked from the quite early stages was the professional leadership and how compassionate people fulfil the customer’s needs. From day one, I immediately felt as part of the Eaton community.”   

Looking to the future, Olli aspires to lead larger teams and further refine his leadership philosophy. He envisions an environment where his wisdom and approach to leadership can empower and inspire others, driving collective growth and success. 

Diving into Eaton: Stories from Agita, Esa, Tom, and Triin

“We make what matters work.” – That’s Eaton’s slogan. Eaton is a power management company that is dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable. People depend on technology, transportation, energy and infrastructure to live and work and Eaton’s products, technologies and services make a difference in the world. Let’s meet the spectacular employees of Eaton who make all of this possible: 

Agita: Embracing Challenges and Growth 

Agita’s journey at Eaton spans over 16 years, marked by her evolution from an assistant role in Riga to a team lead in Tallinn. When she first applied for job in Eaton, she did not get the position, as she was told that she looks like the person who is not social and rather more introvert. However, she was contacted again after a few months and was still offered the position. She has been in the world of order processing and customer care for 15 years and got the opportunity to take care of the new Tallinn office since the summer of 2023. While she may not have a technical background, her passion for understanding and sharing knowledge underscores her invaluable contribution to the team. Her deep understanding of Eaton’s products and her willingness to mentor new team members exemplify her commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. Agita reflects on her role at Eaton, saying, “We have professionals here who are good at what they do, and I offer my support for them to excel at their position.”

Esa: Navigating Change with Confidence 

Esa’s tenure at Eaton has been characterized by his dedication and commitment to growth and innovation. He joined Eaton after Moeller Electric, was bought by Eaton and he had the option to either find a new job in a new company or just continue at his old position in a “new” company. His evolution from a technician to a seasoned expert in technical sales and customer support highlights his dedication to excellence and relentless pursuit of lifelong learning. With 10 years at Eaton, he not only does his daily work but also has the opportunity to mentor new team members. Despite the challenges posed by corporate bureaucracy, Esa remains optimistic about the company’s trajectory, fuelled by a shared vision of growth and innovation. And if he is not busy dealing with customers technical problems, he spends his summers enjoying the wonders of golf in Finland. 

Tom: Cultivating Excellence and Innovation 

Tom’s 10 years at Eaton is a testament to his passion for product development and innovation. After being fed up with entrepreneurial life and end customers, he was looking for an interesting challenge in the electrical engineering field. Transitioning from an application engineer to a team leader with 15 team members for the inside sales and customer support center in Norway at Eaton, is prove to his deep technical understanding as well as team leader qualities. His role in inside sales and project management underscores his expertise in technical support and customer service. To keep the work-life balance Tom decided to live on a farm close to Oslo, Norway where he can live out his very active lifestyle. Reflecting on his journey, Tom states, “I have a really interesting job working with our products, we have the best people in the business when it comes to knowledge and in the product development, sales, everything.”  

Triin: Embracing New Opportunities and Challenges 

Triin is one of the newest members of the Tallinn office. Transitioning from an education in food technology to inside sales, Triin’s journey reflects her eagerness to embrace new challenges and opportunities. Despite lacking a technical background, Triin’s passion for learning and growth drives her forward, as she navigates the complexities of order processing and customer care. Triin’s affinity for Eaton began with her experience as a reseller of Eaton products, igniting her interest in joining the company. Triin’s journey at Eaton has been full of learning and personal development. Future perspective excites Triin as the Tallinn office is soon to be expanded by new team members and exiting challenges. 

What do they like about Eaton?  

During their discussions, Agita, Tom, Esa and Triin shared insights into why they have remained working at Eaton, emphasizing the constant opportunities for development and growth within the company. They all highlighted the supportive and familiar atmosphere among colleagues, despite occasional challenges posed by corporate bureaucracy. They collectively agree that the importance of being open to change, embracing new challenges, and showing a proactive attitude towards problem-solving are important characteristics for new team members. Collaboration, teamwork, and a willingness to learn are also essential qualities for success within Eaton’s dynamic and fast-paced environment. Triin concludes it well: “The team at Tallinn office is like ice age animation. Everybody is different, but at the same time all members of the team have things in common and I feel we work very well together.” 

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